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30 photos guaranteed - $300

• Access to a downloadable online library of fully edited, high-resolution images. Password protected.
• Easy-to-use print ordering with discounted client pricing. Plus rights to use your own printer.
• Complimentary pre-photoshoot consultation to discuss creative ideas and answer any questions.

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"We LOVE our photos. Jessie managed to capture so many good ones, even with our 4 young kids running around like crazies! The whole experience was great and we got our pictures back really quickly. We will definitely be using Jessie Mazur Photography again."
- Chelcie R.

"Jessie, we are so pleased with the photos! To start with you have an amazing location! Beautiful trees, natural woodsy cabins and a spacious setting. It's simply breathtaking. Then you have such a creative eye and were so willing to position yourself in snowbanks to capture our fun and laid back shots. Thank you!!"
- Pearl G.

"Jessie is a wonderful photographer, she captures the candid moments as you are experiencing them, no need to worry about where she is. Great attention to detail and communication about your expectations. Highly recommend, she is passionate about what she does."
- Ivory E.